Ritmo 315 Maxi Drainage Butt Welder
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The Ritmo 315 Maxi Drainage Butt Welder


A professional welding machine ideal for medium sized pipes and sewers up to Ø 315 mm. The FHS 315 can weld fittings such as bends and tees. Branches can also be welded thanks to the single clamps (available on request) indicated for all diameters in the working range.



  • Working range: Ø 90 - 315 mm
  • Materials: PE, PP, PB, PVDF
  • Butt fusion of pipe and fittings
  • Power supply: 230 V
  • Sliding support, a tip up metal frame on wheels
  • Articulated lateral support
  • Two rapid lock clamps
  • Adjustable electronic thermo regulator (TE)
  • Milling cutter with safety micro-switch

Delivery available in the following locations:

Australia wide: Victoria, Queensland, New South Wales, ACT, Tasmania, Western Australia, Northern Territory, South Australia; and worldwide.




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