OMISA Whiteline Series Butt Welders
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OMISA Whiteline Series

The Whiteline Series is the latest example of OMISA’s innovation and superior engineering.

The machine ships with a hydraulic unit that features, as a unique characteristic, a totally integrated enclosure that also is a splash and dirt shield for all components on the inside.

The front panel controls are also protected from moisture according to IP 54 standards.

All connections, including an additional power socket for phone charging or data recorder power are located at the back of the controller. Both the facing tool and the heating element are also connected at the back panel of the hydraulic controller.

As standard, they feature light weight aluminium liners.

As you would expect from Italian design, these butt welders are beautifully designed and engineered for many years of continuous operation.

Technical Specifications

Product Number  Range
SP160EVO3 40-160 230 2.8  76
SP250EVO3 75-250 230 3.5 110 
SP315EVO3 90-315 230 4.3 122
SP355EVO3* 90-355  230   4.8  160
SP500EVO3 250-500 230 5.5 308 
SP630EVO3 315-630 400 10.7 398
SP800EVO5 500-800  400 15.7 972
SP1000EVO2  710-1000  400 22.7 1418
SP1200EVO3    710-1200  400 21.8 1796

Delivery available Australia wide.

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