SuperFUSION 315 V SHP Butt Welder
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The Riyang V315/V355 Single High Pressure Electro-Hydraulic Butt Welder

For maximum efficiency and productivity, save cooling time with the Riyang V315 and V355 High Pressure butt welders.  These robust butt welders are perfect for site or factory work, are quick to set up and very easy to use.


They also weld fittings such as elbows, tees, Y-branches, and flange necks without any additional equipment by simply fixing the clamps’ drag bar.


A fittings chuck is available for welding stubs.



  • Working Range: 90mm to 315mm; 90mm to 355mm
  • Working temperature: 150C to 270C
  • Control system: Manual Electro Hydraulic
  • Parameters: Single HIGH pressure
  • Liners: Full set included
  • Optional: Fittings chuck

Delivery available Australia wide.




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