SuperFUSION 630 V SLP Butt Welder
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The Riyang 630 V Series Electro Hydraulic Single Low Pressure Butt Welder

The Riyang 630 V is a robust butt welder for site or factory work that is quick to set up and very easy to use.


It also welds fittings such as elbows, tees, Y-branches and flange necks without any additional equipment by simply fixing the clamps' drag bar.


A fittings chuck is available for welding stubs.



  • Working Range: 315mm to 630mm
  • Working temperature: 150C to 270C
  • Working Pressure Range: 0 to 90 bar
  • Control system: Manual Electro Hydraulic
  • Ram Size: 23.06cm²
  • Parameters: Single low pressure
  • Liners: Full set included
  • Optional: Fittings chuck

Delivery available Australia wide.


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