Caldervale Patch Peeler 75-630mm
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Caldervale Patch Peeler 75 - 630mm


The only tool of its type in the world, this unique patch / saddle peeler easily and accurately peels just the area required for a successful EF saddle weld. 



Two different chains lengths accommodate a range of pipe diameters:

  • 600mm chains for 75mm to 180mm
  • 1000mm chains for 125mm to 315mm.
  • Add the 1000mm extension chains to the 1000mm chains to accommodate pipe diameters up to 630mm.

Patch peeler     

Set of chains (75mm to 180mm)      

Set of chains (125mm to 315mm)

600mm extension chains

1000mm extension chains


Delivery available in the following locations:

Australia wide: Victoria, Queensland, New South Wales, ACT, Tasmania, Western Australia, Northern Territory, South Australia; and worldwide.


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