The Forsthoff-F Hot Air Floor Welder
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The Forsthoff-F Hot Air Floor Welder



The automatic welding machine FORSTHOFF-F can be used to weld PVC floor coverings and to fusion-weld and seal linoleum coverings.
The heat output of 4000 W 230 V AC is electronically adjustable from 20 to 700°C. In addition, the device is equipped with an infinitely variable speed adjustment from 0 to 19 m/minute and can thus be adapted to the individual types of materials.


A high-temperature resistant coating of the pressure roller and wire guide guarantees a neat unwinding of the welding wire. The universal unwinding device matches all commonly used wire coils.


The device is completely equipped ready for welding and furthermore offers an automatic wall switch-off.

The machine starts automatically after the weld head has been swivelled in. The machine casing’s three-point support ensures that the machine runs steadily.


Delivery available in the following locations:

Australia wide: Victoria, Queensland, New South Wales, ACT, Tasmania, Western Australia, Northern Territory, South Australia; and worldwide.


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