FHS PipeCut Poly Pipe Cutting System
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The FHS PipeCut Poly Pipe Cutting System


Cut Poly quickly with complete safety.


The PipeCut Saw is the latest technology in safe, fast and accurate plastic pipe cutting. Unlike circular saws and chainsaws that can dangerously kick back or bounce off the pipe, the PipeCut saw guides firmly grip the pipe locking the saw to the pipe.


The saw guard keeps the operator completely safe from the spinning saw blade.


The PipeCut Saw is an ABSOLUTE MUST for every Poly Welding Technician!


Two sizes available:

  • 40mm to 280mm diameter
  • 75mm to 355mm diameter

The PipeCut Cutting System contains:

  • PipeCut shoulder carry bag
  • PipeCut saw
  • Cutting supports (4 pieces)
  • Operating instructions booklet
  • Allen keys (5mm and 2mm)
  • Special plastic cutting blade
  • Instructional DVD

Delivery available in the following locations:

Australia wide: Victoria, Queensland, New South Wales, ACT, Tasmania, Western Australia, Northern Territory, South Australia; and worldwide.


Enquire here and contact our team for more information on price and availability.