PolyCalc iPhone/iPod Weld Parameter Calculator
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PolyCalc iPhone/iPod Weld Parameter Calculator


Unlike most “apps” for iPhones that are either games or gimmicks, the PolyCalc Parameter Calculator and Timer is a the World’s most sophisticated and advanced butt fusion welding parameter computer program complete with automatic timer and tutor.


It accurately calculates Butt Welding parameters for all major international standards including:

  • ISO 21307
    • Single High Pressure
    • Single Low Pressure
    • Dual Low Pressure
  • German DVS Parameters (PE and PP)

Manually calculate butt welding parameters is now a thing of the past!



How to Calculate Butt Welding Parameters in 4 Quick and Easy Steps:

  1. Select your butt welder from 70 preloaded butt welding machines (or enter your own machine specifications);
  2. Choose your Pipe Diameter and SDR (all preloaded)    
  3. Choose your preferred Standard (preloaded)
  4. Enter your drag measurement and press CALCULATE

The exact Pressure (in Bar, kPa, mPa or PSI) and Time is calculated for:

P1 - Bead up; P2/t2 - Heat Soak; t3 - Change-over; t4 - Pressure-up; P3/t5 - Cooling time.    

Automatic Timer and Tutor

Forget cheap triple timers.

PolyCalc automatically loads your parameter calculations into the timer and butt welding tutor.  It guides you through every step of the butt welding process and sounds loud alarms at each critical stage.  Both the countdown and calculated interfacial pressure (including drag) is displayed on the screen.

PolyCalc ensures your parameter calculations are 100% accurate - every time! 

Don’t risk making a mistake: let PolyCalc do the thinking for you!

PolyCalc is available for immediate download from the Apple App Store.